The Next PC to be The IPad Pro

Apple recently released their latest product, the 9.7 inches iPad Pro, which was mainly designed to complete in the PC market. It was stated to be an ultimate upgrade for the current iPad users and a replacement for PC users. With over six hundred pcs in use, you will find that most of them are more than 5 years old. The new 9.7 inch iPad has been designed with the latest features that most portable PCs do not have. The new Apple device has a 64-bit A9X processor which is an ideal platform for users looking for a reliable platform. The device also supports the Apple Pencil and the new Smart Keyboard cover.

During it launch, it was pointed out the device has a new retina display, which is equipped with True Tone technology, plus it has a four-speaker audio system, 5-mp face time HD front camera, 12-mp back iSight camera and a way faster wireless compatibility.

For so long now, Apple has raised the spy on cell phone possibility of the iPad replacing the PC, since the year 2013, and with the latest new combination advancement of features that the iPad Pro has (both hardware and software), it could give the PC a real competition this time. The 9.7-inch iPad procession power is quite high and together with the Smart Keyboard and other features, the system altogether can go head to head with most PCs out there. Additionally, the device comes with Microsoft Office, for those who need traditional apps, plus it allows users the flexibility to customize the apps in a way that they want.

Who really needs the iPad Pro?

The iPad Pro has been customized in a way that many users can appreciate its features and specifications. People who are in various field works, will find that the 9.7 inch iPad is ideal for them. With the bulkiness of the PC in various field works, you will find that using the iPad Pro will offer a much effective and faster way of doing your daily operations. Although the new iPad might not be ready for doing heavy duty desk work, it is ideal for most consumers who need the normal PC operations. For example, the 9.7 inch iPad can replace PC for executive managers who may only need the device due to the mobility merit, but not to accomplish any complex task on the go.

Are there any Drawbacks

If you carefully scrutinize the speed of the new release from Apple, its A9X processor is a bit less compared to its counterpart 12.9 inches. With the current i5 and i7 in the market, you will find that they are much faster compared to the A9X. Also, considering the fact that you are paying a high price for the device compared to a windows PC and you don’t get a mouse, for many these will not be a smart investment. A new iPad Pro will require you to spend between 600 USD to 900 USD.

With all these factors to consider, you will find the iPad Pro 9.7 inch does give the PC a small competition, but when you look at the overall functions and features, the iPad cannot stand up to some of the features that the PC offers. In any event, the computer is way more like the human brain compared to the iPad. A PC is quite more suited in doing the heavy duty task that is required by some if not all fields in the industry. The iPad offers an effective platform that is similar to the PC platform to its users.